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Some things already suggested or asked

How many cryptograms does the game have?

At the time of writing this (2003-07-18) there are 64 different cryptograms. Their order is randomized each time you start a new game session, but some repetition is inevitable if you play a lot. I'm hoping people start using the "Create your own"-feature and publish their cryptograms on websites.

Add short, tough cryptograms

I might, but then I will have to think of some mechanism other than randomization to choose the cryptograms.

Make the cells bigger

To do this I would have to fit less of them on a row, and that would brake the line-endings on the self-created cryptograms.

Make sure your browser window is as large as possible. The Cryptogram game will grow to fit the window. If that doesn't help, then you'll have to get a bigger monitor.

I created the Cryptogram game on a 15-inch monitor (small), and even though my eyesight isn't quite what it used to be, I think the letters are a reasonable size. They are about the same as the default size of letters on a browser. The cellgrid makes them look a little cramped though.

The cursor could move to the next available number and not on a letter that has already been substituted

This actually crossed my mind also, but it would be really aggravating to write over an incorrectly solved word.

Cryptogram game is maintained by Teppo Pihlajamäki.