More crypto9rams

Cryptograms created by yourself can be published as links on a web page. Here are some examples.

An allegedly true story about a man and his gas cap. This is a long one and has a hint, so it should be rather easy.

Why is it that garbage cans can't be bearproofed? No hints in this one.

While we are on the subject of bears, here's another difficult one.

This one has a kind of symmetry to it. Make use of the hint by guessing how it is different on the other side of the symmetry.

The truth about losing weight with garlic.

Longish and easy cryptogram about intelligence.

When you create your own cryptograms to be shared with your friends, you will be given a web address that links to it. Your cryptogram is stored in the address itself. No database is involved, so the address is guaranteed to stay valid for as long as the cryptogram page exists.

Cryptogram game is maintained by Teppo Pihlajamäki.