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Art gallery

These two images I have made with Pixels3D, which is a 3D-modeller for the Macintosh. Version 3.6.4, that I use, is free! Click the images to see them larger.

Snowman out alone on a snowy field
Strings at the end of the scarf were easy to make with an invisibility map. See how the head attaches seamlessly to the body. This was easy to achieve with the program I use. Dirt in the snow is a black and white cloud-fractal.

Pictures of Finnish presidential candidates in balloons. Some darts in the foreground.
I made this image manipulation to a contest in a TV-show. My solution was different from the others in that I used all the presidential candidates, and I produced my own background in a 3D-program.

I wanted to depict how people don't choose their candidate rationally.

Computer screen when doing 3D-modeling.
User interface in Pixels3D is a bit technical. Things are achieved by entering numbers, and the end result can only be seen after a lengthy process. On the other hand it's a very capable program. All kinds of effects can be used, and it can produce very realistic images. Lately I've been experimenting with so called Hollywoodian three-point lighting system.

Other 3D images I've made on this site are the round picture frame on my introduction page, biscuits in the doggie game and almost my entire fantasy frontpage (in Finnish). In addition the Teppo Pihlajamäki-logo on all pages, the golden sphere in front of the links and the arrow on the bottom of the page are made with 3D-modeling. The ladies in the body mass index page are also 3D-models, but made with a different program, Poser 3, which also came free on a cover CD.

My ex libris.
My ex libris. It's a picture of me, passed through the stamp filter of Photoshop. The background is a dance mat for Playstation. I've printed these myself on self adhesive labels that are sold in stationery stores.

My YouTube-videos:

Playing poker
on television.

One hand

Hamster toy.