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Teppo admires a fractal cabbage.

I'm Teppo Pihlajamäki from Salo, Finland. Originally I'm from Rauma and I've lived in Turku and Tampere also. I drifted to Salo because of work, like so many others. After seventeen years in Aspocomp and Nokia I've accepted new employment, but more about that when I truly understand what it is myself.

Besides all that I dabble a little bit with writing, poker and coding. These web pages I made in the early 2000's, when I got a vocational degree in multimedia. Now even mobile apps can be made with those web techniques and I took two courses in game development. I've been tinkering with my own tiny apps. Hopefully you will hear about those some day.

Ballroom dances I visit whenever I can, and organizing and participating in singles' events and gaming events keeps me busy.

This site is divided into two sections:
My life Personal site, purpose of which is to advance Teppo-awareness in the world.
My web pages "Portfolio" with some neat web pages I've done.

Most of the content is in both English and Finnish, except haiku editor and Pick-up lines gone wrong which can only be found on the Finnish side.

Happy surfing,

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Playing poker
on television.

One hand

Hamster toy.