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Contact info

Feel free to contact me by e-mail. Address is below as an image to help me fight spam.

Use the form below if you are on a public computer with no e-mail program.

I can't see your name and e-mail address unless you include them.


Please include your name and e-mail address

How to avoid spam

My e-mail address on top of this page is a picture, not text. Spammers use harvesters, automatic programs that scan web pages looking for e-mail addresses. If I published my address as such, I would soon begin receiving a lot of unwanted e-mail. There are also programs that can read texts inside pictures, so I've scrambled the picture a bit to make their job more difficult. Hopefully humans can still read it. Don't publish my or your own e-mail address on a web page! Instead you are welcome to link to my site.

You may receive e-mail from a service at www.someonelikesyou.com. Message says there is someone who fancies you, but doesn't dare say it directly to you. You are asked to go to the web site, register yourself and enter the e-mail addresses of the people you like. If two people enter each other, service then notifies them both. It is nothing but a scam, designed to collect e-mail addresses and verify that they are in use. Verified addresses can be sold for more money. Your friends won't thank you for giving their addresses to spammers...

There are virtual postcard services on the net, where you choose a picture and write a note. If the service asks for your friends e-mail address to tell him where to go to view the postcard, it is a way of collecting addresses for spamming! Some such services may be honest, but beware.

Don't give my e-mail address to any web service. If you give your own address, consider their trustworthiness. You could get a different address for each service. If some address starts getting spam, you will know who sold your address. It is however arduous to read multiple e-mail addresses. If some service proves trustworthy, you might then give them your main address. Easier yet would be to get your own domain, or get your e-mail from a service that allows aliases. This way you can read all your mail in one swoop, and when some address starts attracting spam, you can direct them straight to the trash.

If your e-mail program allows HTML-messages, there might be a picture in the message that is fetched from a server when the message is read or downloaded. The server will then know that the address is alive. See if you can disable HTML in the settings.

You may receive mail promising to give you free passwords to some interesting sites, if you reply to the mail or send them your e-mail address. Don't do it! This is another way of verifying your e-mail address.

You may receive mail in which some stranger describes herself as an attractive young person who is deleting old e-mail addresses from her machine. She doesn't remember who you are, and asks you to visit some web site to see her photos to remind you in case you've forgotten her too. Don't do it! Web site address is different for each such mail sent, and so they will find out that your address is in use, if you visit the site.

There might be a note at the end of a spam instructing you how to be removed from their mailing-list. You are to reply to the mail in a special way, or to enter your address to some web page. You guessed it, it's another way of verifying your address. You'll get even more spam.

If your address has already fallen to the wrong hands, there is not much you can do. Spamming is illegal in Finland, and a new eu-directive mandates that other eu-countries implement such legislation too, but most spammers are overseas, so it would be difficult to bring them to justice. Some programs can filter your mail for spams, but you'll have to check the messages anyway, since the programs make errors.

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