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Hiking in Kurjenrahka

May 27-29, 2005

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Hikers crossing a marsh
Starting the journey.

Hikers standing in front of a cliff
Rocks stopped us, but we climbed them. After these there were some more rocks, and we climbed them too. That's about we found out we were going the wrong way.

Board over a ditch.
Path from campsite to lake Lakjärvi.

Hikers preparing food at a campsite.
Campsite at lake Lakjärvi.

"All cats must arch their backs."

Resting hikers and playing children.
Final proof - there really are kangaroos in the Finnish forests.

A butterfly.
Small Copper - Lycaena Phaleas.

Hiker's trouser legs tucked inside socks.
Style is important even in the woods.


Group photo.
Inka, Petri, Hanna, Juha-Matti and me.

Three people seen from above.
Lunch break.

Rotting tree trunk.
Decomposing tree.

Hikers crossing a marsh.
Last leg.

A moose by the road.
Nature would not leave us alone even upon departure.