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Teppo admires a fractal cabbage.

I'm Teppo Pihlajamäki from Salo, Finland. Originally I'm from Rauma and I've lived in Turku and Tampere also. Aspocomp, Nokia, Valmet Automotive and now Valmet Automotive EV Power have been my places of employment, but my various leisure activities are what I'm really about: writing, games and coding.

I made this site mostly in the early 2000's, when I got a vocational degree in multimedia. Then the world didn't change so that everyone would have their own web site. Instead social media got dispersed in various ready-made services, so I don't update this site so much any more. More current (but somewhat sloppy) material can be found at these social media sites: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Still, keeping this site has been fun and useful. It has allowed me to explore some crazy ideas, and interesting people have contacted me about them.

Happy surfing,

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PS. You may have noticed that all the better games are gone from here. What happened was that Adobe stopped supporting Flash at the beginning of 2021. Not only that, but they also actively hinder it from working on browsers. That's why I decided to remove my flash-games, as Flash is going to become more and more insecure. I could rewrite the games using HTML5-techniques, but in practise I've moved on to other things. Therefore Cryptogram game, Find Five Errors and Chess Clock are most likely gone for forever.