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Valid Flash test

Flash-production environment produces HTML-code that attaches the flash-presentation to a web page. This code however does not comply to standards, and the page will fail to pass in a validator. Code includes an invalid embed-tag to make the flash-presentation appear in certain browsers.

http://www.alistapart.com/stories/flashsatay/ introduces HTML-code that is said to be valid and to work on most browsers.

On this page you are reading now, the code is as follows:
<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="pallo.swf" width=128 height=128>
<param name=movie value="pallo.swf">

If you can see a red ball below on the left, then this code works on your browser (assuming that you have flash player installed). If the code does not work, you should see alternative content, which in this case is some text. The param-tag seems unnecessary, since its content is already in the data-attribute. Second test is to see how the code works without the param-tag. Can you see a green ball below on the right?

Since you can see this text and no red ball, the code does not work on your browser Since you can see this text and no green ball, the code does not work without the param-tag in your browser.

Code has already been tested with these browsers:
(O=works, V=does not work)

IE 4 V/V 4) 
IE 5.5O/V- 
IE 6O/V  
IE 7O/?  
NN 4V/VV/V1)
NN 7O/OO/O 2)O/O
MozillaO/O 3)O/OO/O
Opera 6V/VO/OV/V
Opera 7O/OO/O 
Galeon  O/O
Camino O/O 
Safari O/O 
Omniweb V/V 
Elinks  V/V

1) Both the balls and the text appears.

2) It turns out that whether the code is valid or not, Navigator 7 cannot display a flash-presentation whose size is defined in percentages.

3) At least Mozilla 1.4 works. However apparently some Mozilla whose version number was not reported did not work.

4) The code didn't work on Macintosh IE 4, but strangely the same code worked on that browser on another page. Go figure.

Thanks for all the people who sent test results for their browsers! You can stop now, I've pretty much moved on to other things.

I guess we can see that it is safe to use this code if you don't mind losing just a few percent of internet users. Also the param-tag should be used.

My apologies to those people who's test results did not make it here because my hard drive crash ate their emails.

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