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Gazpacho recipe

2 servings or 4 appetizers.

1/2 kg tomatoes
1 red paprika
1/4 cucumber
1 clove of garlic (or more if you like)
1/4 onion
0,75 dl virgin olive oil
1,5 spoonful of vinegar
1/3 loaf of bred
(water, fresh ginger, pepper, salt)

Simply chop all ingredients and mix them in a blender. Chill in the fridge before serving. That's it! Rest of this recipe you need not even read.

There are many different kinds of Gazpacho recipes, and you can vary this recipe as you wish. Some use salt and pepper, but I sometimes use freshly grated ginger. Gazpacho is quite healthy, because it's never heated, and the ingredients are healthy too. Olive oil for example contains vitamin E, which is especially good for men. Gazpacho functions well as an appetiser, especially in hot weather.

Some remove seeds from tomatoes and peel them, but I find this too bothersome, and the healthy flavonoids are in the peel anyway. I do however remove the green and white parts from tomatoes and paprika. Wash them well to get rid of bug-spray residue.

You should crush the garlic at the start. When crushed garlic is in contact with air, beneficial substances are formed in it.

Bread may be old, but you should soak it in water before using. I have personally used the crust too, but some people prefer to remove it.

Use water according to your own taste. In Spanish restaurants gazpacho is almost drinkable, but my version is closer to porridge.

You can serve gazpacho with ice cubes, and add small chops of paprika, onion and cucumber on top. In Spain they are sometimes served on a separate plate with small cubes of bread. I myself like toast.

Remember, gazpacho doesn't keep too many days.